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Be my fiscally responsible Valentine?


Though the various companies who profit from Valentine’s Day (card, flower and chocolate manufacturers, to name but a few) would like to you spend gratuitously, doing Valentine’s Day on a budget is very possible, and doesn’t have to disappoint.

Stay at home

Dining out in a fancy restaurant is nice, but it can also get quite expensive, and you’ll likely be hurried out the door by harried staff members. So why not simply stay at home? Dust off the good china, take out the virtually unused table cover, add a few candles and roses and you’ve got a romantic retreat at home. And you can still dress up in your finery! If you’re stuck for romantic meal ideas, BBC Good Food has got you covered.

Find something free

If it’s not too miserable this Sunday, you might be interested in getting out and about – there’s plenty to do that won’t cost you a penny. For example, did you know that you can pay a visit to the remains of St. Valentine in Whitefriar Street Church in Dublin? It might be a bit morbid for some, but it certainly won’t be boring!

Forking out for flowers

Flowers are expensive and sometimes you just can’t afford a fancy bouquet. All isn’t lost, however. Aldi, for example, has a Valentine’s bouquet for just €7.99, while a deluxe rose and lily bouquet from Lidl will set you back €19.99.

Gifts from the heart

If you listen to advertisers, your significant other won’t be happy unless they get an insanely expensive diamond bracelet, or perhaps a bottle of over priced cologne as an expression of your love. But love shouldn’t be best demonstrated by consumption and high spending – most people will appreciate a gift that has resulted from a little thought, like a couple’s journal in which you can record your relationship highs and goals, or a scrapbook that picks out the best from your months and years together. Use your imagination!

Fancy a flick?

If you’re both with Meteor, why not take in a film this Sunday? Meteor Extras offers, among other things, a free cinema ticket (for certain cinemas) each month for every customer – and Deadpool has just been released (some negotiation may be required).

When not writing about all things personal finance, You & Your Money's editor Conor Forrest enjoys reading, football and getting lost in an ocean of Wikipedia articles.