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Tom Øverlie, via Flickr.

An Audience with Ed Sheeran

By all accounts, Ed Sheeran is the next big thing, if several upcoming sold out Wembley dates and thousands upon thousands of screaming girls are anything to go by. As a result, tickets for his gigs are a little difficult to get your hands on.

Sheeran is, however, playing two small and free gigs at Whelan’s in Dublin next Saturday (January 24th) for VH1 Storytellers.

To be in with a chance of scoring tickets for nothing, just register with, select the preferred time and ticket numbers, and cross your fingers!

If you’re successful, you’ll find out by Tuesday January 20th.

Boots Bargain

Just when you thought it was all coming to an end, and it was safe to venture out of doors and near a shopping centre, Boots are springing into sale mode again, with up to 70% off across a wide range of products, or at least anything that’s left over after Christmas.

Visit for more.

Join the Lego Club

Despite the excruciating pain when you step on an upturned piece with your bare feet, Lego is actually one of the best toys a child can have. All you need is a box of the colourful bricks and a vivid imagination, and you’ve got hours upon hours of fun building anything from houses to aeroplanes, spaceships to racing cars (or a seven-year-old’s approximation).

So why not sign your kids up to the Lego Club? It’s free to join for those between 4-11 years, giving them access to a website, emails and a print magazine all designed to stimulate their creative side. There’s news and previews, videos, brand new building tutorials and challenges, games and puzzles and cool fan-made creations for the Lego fan in your house.

Education for Less

We return from the land of Udemy with news of more courses to help you upskill for free. Why not learn all about the WordPress blogging tools, and how you can incorporate a blog into your business website?

Or for web designers, get yourself up-to-date with Photoshop CS6, and create better layouts, email newsletters and improve your speed.

Get your hands on them quick, as Udemy’s free courses always prove quite popular, and are often back to their normal prices within a few hours.

As always, a hat-tip to the fantastic Bargain Alerts section at You guys are the real MVP.