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Are the unemployed being misled by the Government?

Posted May 19th, 201

Pitman Training, a national training organisation with centres in the UK and Ireland, have questioned the Government’s latest ‘jobs initiative’ amidst reports that an additional 5,900 training places announced had already been filled last December. These places were targeted at those who had left positions with significant structural employment issues.

Tomбs Finneran, the spokesperson for Pitman Training in Ireland, questioned the government’s lack of support for organisation’s such as his, saying the government has failed to expand the Back To Education programme beyond state-sponsored institutions.

He said: “Last year 69 per cent of our graduates found employment within the same year as commencing their training, yet this government ignored our calls to extend the Back to Work allowance to include courses that will actually lead to employment.”

Pitman Training is the largest network of independent training centres in the country, training over a thousand students last year in 15 counties.

Finneran opined that the National Employment Action Plan is actually lowering people’s chances of securing jobs by 17 per cent, with FБS courses only increasing chances of employment by 14 per cent. The spokesperson went on to say that if people wanted to take part in a course such as those offered at Pitman Training, which he believes have a much chance of leading to employment, people will find that the government is not interested.

The national organisation has sent a letter to the government asking for the introduction of an assessment scheme to measure the effectiveness of state-funded training programmes in terms of employing people in the long term among other things.