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A Perfect Card

As a safe and secure alternative to retail centre/store vouchers, Perfectcard have introduced their prepaid Mastercard product which both looks and acts like a debit card, similar in concept to O2’s Money card and Moneybooker’s prepaid Mastercard.

Unlike, for example, the HMV vouchers, Perfectcard assured The Irish Times recently that its cards were regulated, and that the money is safeguarded, even in the event that the company goes under. The prepaid card operates just like any other – the merchant simply swipes it through, and if funds are present on the card, the transaction proceeds.

Perfectcard’s products don’t come with a per transaction fee, and can be used until the balance of the card is used up, though with some cards the company offers, a monthly service fee applies. If the card is lost or stolen, customers simply follow the same protocols as any other debit card – contact the company, cancel the card and request another.

As the cards are licensed with Mastercard to use its platform, the Perfectcard can be used at over 32 millions locations worldwide. Similar to 3V’s VISA prepaid vouchers, the Perfectcards have an expiry date, and won’t be accepted beyond that point.

As with any bank or debit card, always read the fine print and make sure you know what you’re letting yourself in for.

From The Irish Times, Wednesday, March 20th 2013.